The Simile Museum

Category: Fiction

“It was hard to tell the nature of the look from across the expanse of equipment, under the gym’s flattening fluorescent light. Either way, she had her pale eyes fixed on him, and every once in a while, in the middle of a set, she gave him an effortful smile. The amount of weight she was lifting, he saw, was significant. An immense iron stack rose up slowly behind her like an omen.”

-Sarah Shun-lien Bynum


“Four days stretched out like the creation of toffee.”

-Elizabeth George

“It’s funny how love can jump from one person to another, like a flea.”

– Ottessa Moshfegh

Naive Honeymooners

“Oliver might have guessed at other reasons; he had felt too happy to look for them. Like a driver who has found a shortcut on his daily route, like a soldier who has won an objective without bloodshed, like a writer who has made his point thriftily, he drew happiness from his own efficacy.”

-Harry Matthews

“The mist has flopped over onto the embankment like a sailing ship.”

-Michael Ondaatje


“None of them could bear to imagine that child, their own flesh and blood, raised by birds, essentially a bird slowly converted to human by lab scientists. He appeared in the prayers of this scattered cult once in a while, but even then they, with their own troubles, eventually let the horror of him fade, like an old bad dream.”

-Porochista Khakpour

“My daddy’s face is a study. Winter moves into it and presides there. His eyes become a cliff of snow threatening to avalanche; his eyebrows bend like black limbs of leafless trees.”

-Toni Morrison


“Peter was not quite like other boys; but he was afraid at last. A tremour ran through him, like a shudder passing over the sea; but on the sea one shudder follows another till there are hundreds of them, and Peter felt just the one.”

-James Matthew Barrie


“They hold each other. Julie is very white, her hair prickly-short. The room’s darkness is pocked with little bits of Los Angeles, at night, through glass. The dark drifts down around them and fits like a gardener’s glove.”

-David Foster Wallace


“She smiled at him like they were about to rob a bank together.”

-Rachel Kushner