The Simile Museum

Category: Nonfiction

“Suddenly, something moves in the twilight: An adult female moose, fording the river. Within seconds, she charges through the swift currents and scrambles up the opposite bank into the forest. She turns back briefly, her gangly profile barely visible as she moves behind the trees, fading away like a ghost.”

-Christine Dell’Amore


“A photo of Azócar at the time shows a grim, dark-eyed girl with a bow atop her head, like a pile of rocks into which a half-deflated zeppelin has crashed.”

-Emily Witt

“Oh how we Americans gnash our teeth in bitter anger when we discover that the riveting truth that also played like a Sunday matinee was actually just a Sunday matinee.”

– David Shields

“Their egos were as fragile as Sèvres porcelain or tropical fruit.”

-Richard Francis

“Jim was the one who told me that my emotional life made him dangle his stethoscope like a snake charmer: my moods weren’t hard to see but they were hard to read, and even harder to diagnose.

-Leslie Jamison

“Sometimes the midday silence of the house is so large it’s like a thought.”

-Tony Cohan

“Words, like a procession, rush across a bridge which is usually drawn up and has even grown rusted from the love of solitude.”

-Anaïs Nin

Our state’s governor, Ms. Jan Brewer, grins like a sad, melted puppet whenever she tries to feign solidarity with the public.”

-Troy Farah

“His stubble sparkled like bits of sand. Six-foot-one.

Sideburns thick as duct tape.”

-Jennifer Percy