The Simile Museum

Category: Poetry

“The best thing was to let language speak its piece while standing inside it–not like a knight in armor exactly, not like a mascot in a chicken suit.

-Rae Armantrout


And the days are not full enough
Are the nights are not full enough
And life slips by like a field mouse
Not shaking the grass.

-Ezra Pound

Everything’s a couple sizes bigger: a sky
Cutting deep into the streets, hydrants
As hefty as the heads of oxen, the country’s flag
Flapping like a heavy sheet in the sea wind,
An ice truck parked outside the cathedral.

-Durs Grünbein

“A story is like water that you heat for your bath. It takes messages between the fire and your skin. It lets them meet, and it cleans you!


“He flies around in stolen cars. Wherever he stops,

kids grow like gourds from women’s bellies.”

-Natalie Diaz

“The boys, how eyeless

& how wordless they,

who cover themselves with smiles

like curlicues of feathers.”

-Federico García Lorca

“I search for an instant alive as a bird.”

-Octavio Paz

“And I have always been a poet who poured herself into the shrouds of experience’s tight dresses so that the reader could try and get a feel for the real me, metaphorically speaking, of course, using only the mind, of course, and a dictionary that the mind wears like a surgical glove.”

-Lynn Emanuel