The Simile Museum

“A yellow convertible stopped. A girl leaned out the passenger window and snapped several photographs. She looked at me and laughed, then the convertible sped away, the wind blowing the girl’s blond hair straight up like a flame.”

-Sarai Walker

“Magda was quiet, but her eyes were horribly alive, like blue tigers.”

-Cynthia Ozick


“She moved all the time, cutting up her life into bits like food for a child, stopping by once or twice a year to sleep on the couch.”

– Gabe Habash

“On the tarmac at Heathrow the plane full of people waited silently to be taken into the air. The air hostess stood in the aisle and mimed with her props as the recording played. We were strapped into our seats, a field of strangers, in a silence like the silence of a congregation while the liturgy is read.”

-Rachel Cusk

“I remember that sentence driving at me in the dark like a glacier.”

-Anne Carson


“He was wearing a shiny, oversize dark-brown suit. His hair was shaved close to his head and he had a nose that hung from his face like a door off its hinges.”

-Hannah Tinti

“Jane rises. A stiff rustle from the carnation sprigs. She leans over the king’s chair and taps the back of his hand: briskly, as if she were testing a cheese.”

-Hilary Mantel