The Simile Museum

“When they cut open his ankle and leg for the long bones, I see Pete’s Achille’s tendon. It looks like the eye of a round roast.”

-Amy Savage



-Nicolette Bethel

“Amy looked relieved, but naughty Jo took her at her word, for during the first call she sat with every limb gracefully composed, every fold correctly draped, calm as a summer sea, cool as a snowbank, and as silent as the sphinx.”

-Louisa May Alcott

“This too wild and fast to be love. But it is. Like in the movies, only for real. These things happen, I telling you. Not always with songs playing, except for the one singing in your own skin. People can need each other like water. It can be wonderful.

Waiting in the dark apartment, Eeona voice slice like a machete. ‘You are late, Mrs. Smalls.’ But I ain Mrs. Smalls no more.”

-Tiphanie Yanique

hermit-crab_2086578i 2.jpg

“Below, Saul busied himself with the grounds and organizing the toolshed, which had become a mess. More than one hiker wandering through had seemed surprised to find a lighthouse keeper walking the grounds around the tower as if he were a hermit crab without its shell, but in fact there was a lot of maintenance required due to the way storms and salt air could wear down everything if he wasn’t vigilant. In the summer it was harder with the heat and the biting flies.”

-Jeff VanderMeer

“The tree frogs shrilled like sirens.”

– C. Morgan Babst

“Here is Henry outside of Ezeiza:

rangy, wry, smile like a clay pot

lovingly repaired and Spanish fly

in the pocket of his summer-weight suit.”

-Conor Bracken