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“They were all growing up exposed to the storms of Mexico and the storms of Latin America, which are worse, if anything, because they are more divided and more desperate. And shimmering like moonlight in those storms, my gaze came to rest on the statues, the silhouettes whose sole possession was a utopia of words, and fairly miserable words at that. Am I being unfair?”

– Roberto Bolaño


“A week later López Azcárate hanged himself from a tree and the news ran through the university like a terrified, fleet-footed animal.

-Roberto Bolaño

“I looked at her blankly, although the truth, like a lone and flagging swimmer, was gradually making some headway in the black sea of my ignorance.

-Roberto Bolaño

I saw him running or walking through the outskirts of Gómez Palacio, under a sky that looked like a rockslide.”

-Roberto Bolaño