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Tag: Short Story

“The air was muggy, swollen as a bruise. They were the only customers at the only table, and the only staff his cousin’s at the only table, and the only staff his cousin’s daughter, Little Treasure. She brought out platter after platter, refilled pots of jasmine tea, and a bottle of rice wine that Old Wu declined. She hovered, simpering and smiling like a courtesan.”

-Vanessa Hua


“The twins are blond with big heads, skinny bodies dangling below like strings under balloons.”

-Amber Sparks

tall-ship-mast-and-rigging-photo-by-david-j-rodger.jpg“All she’d ever say was, Let’s enjoy the time we have together, and then she’d cling to his body as if it were the mast of a sinking ship, like she’d lashed herself to him.”

-Matt Bell


“I hated you because living with you was like living with a microwave: you never talked, sometimes you made me food, and you always sat in the same room, blinking, spinning that plate in your head.”

-Matthew Baker

“Later, when I got home, I went into the bathroom and stared at myself in the mirror for a while. It was the same mirror Katie and I used to stare at in the pitch black while chanting ‘Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary’ over and over until we hallucinated the beheaded head of Mary Queen of Scots emerging in reflection, dripping like a porterhouse steak.”

-Stacey Richter

“He had never presented flowers to Fiona before. Or to anyone else. He entered the building feeling like a hopeless lover or a guilty husband in a cartoon.”

-Alice Munro

“I was twenty-two years old and as insecure as a sock.”

-Alex McElroy