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“The sky was black like the middle of a eye.”

-Souvankham Thammavongsa

“When she desireth the opener of the cans, so as to turn the knob designed for arthritic hands with which she is happily acquainted, but the large person with whom she liveth denieth her the opener of the cans for the ancillary reason of the proximate rotating blade, she throws her head back and cries like a featherless bird.”

-Rivka Galchen

Gold Digging

“In many ways he was like America itself, big and strong, full of good intentions, a roll of fat jiggling at his belly, slow of foot but always plodding along, always there when you needed him, a believer in the virtues of simplicity and directness and hard labor.”

-Tim O’Brien


“Here was a man who’d learned to write before he could think, a man who threw out logical fallacies like tacks behind a getaway car, and he always got away.”

– Helen DeWitt

“The city, however, does not tell its past, but contains it like the lines of a hand, written in the corners of the streets, the gratings of windows, the banisters of the steps, the antennae of the lightning rods, the poles of the flag, every segment marked in turn with scratches, indentations, scrolls.”

– Italo Calvino